Buttocks Augmentation

Like breasts, buttocks are one of the most important features of a woman. Good-looking buttocks are those that look full and round, have a slight curvature on the upper outside part and above them (at the love handle area), a slight bend on the inside of lower buttocks and a V-shaped bend on the upper border between the left and right buttocks. From the side, fine buttocks look full, firm, and have an angled border between the lower back and the buttocks. One’s judgment of the shape of buttocks is also affected by one’s ethnic group.

Unattractive buttocks include those which are relatively flat at young age, loose buttocks on aging people, and buttocks with excess fat. The shape of the spine needs to be considered in observing the appearance of buttocks.

To refine the shape of buttocks, you can add volume by placing implants under the muscles. This procedure can be performed together with liposuction. Another type of buttocks augmentation is fat transfer from other body parts with excess fat tissue. In a limited condition, buttocks augmentation can be done by transferring soft tissue above the buttocks to add buttocks mass.

Buttocks augmentation procedure is performed in general anesthesia. An 8-9 cm incision is made on the curve between left and right buttocks. A space “pocket” is made for implant placement between two main muscles of the buttocks or under the muscle sheath. The implant is placed, and the incision is sutured. The procedure lasts approximately 2 hours (longer if liposuction is also performed).

After the surgery, you will need to wear pressure garment with an opening around the genitalia, which may take as long as 4-6 weeks. The final outcome will be seen after 3 months. During the recovery period, you must avoid strenuous physical activity for 4-6 weeks. It is important for you to maintain body weight stability, stop smoking, and lead a healthy lifestyle to achieve the optimal outcome.

Complications that may happen include bleeding, serum fluid deposition, infection, delayed wound healing, asymmetry, and nerve damage.

(Source: Prasetyono TOH. Augmentasi bokong (buttocks augmentation). Bazaar 2009 Feb;Chapter 4:62.)


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